Could Akeem Spence fetch a similar contract as Arby Jones?


Jaguars DT Arby Jones just received a four-year-$16 million deal to re-sign with the team, and $6.5 million of that is guaranteed.


Jones played for four seasons with the Jaguars and during those four seasons, he played in 54 games recording 5.5 sacks and 65 solo tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery.


My question is, could or should, Akeem Spence, who has had a similar four-career, receive the same type of money?


Spence played in 56 games during his four-year stint with the Bucs, recording the same number (5.5) sacks, the same number of solo tackles (65), and recovered three loose footballs.


Akeem Spence is coming off his previous four-year $2.64 million contract and a free agent this March, will Tampa re-sign him or will he hit the FA? I personally believe the Bucs should re-sign Akeem Spence, but should he expect to see the same type of figure that was thrown at Jones?


Based on what the Jags gave Jones, if I were Spence, I’d have my hand out, whether in Tampa or at courting NFL teams. Someone will likely give him a nice contract.