The Late Round Sleeper.


The Buccaneers have made it very clear that they are in the mode of finding Jameis a number two receiver behind our star, Mike Evans. The question is do you want to spend a top draft pick on a receiver? Unless you are getting Mike Williams from Clemson I would say wait and get someone later in the draft. Who is left if you don’t get one of the top-tier guys you ask? Well, DeAngelo Yancey is the answer.


Yancey is a Purdue Boilermaker and has the makeup of an NFL wide receiver. He is 6’2, 217 pounds and is considered to be a sleeper in this year’s draft class.  Yancey made the All-Freshman team for Purdue and this past year he had 10 touchdowns and 951 yards. During his career at Purdue, he has over 2,300 yards and 20 touchdowns.


Yancey will continue to grow into the position mastering his craft along the way. I think this would be the perfect compliment to Mike Evans. Remember the name, DeAngelo Yancey, because if you don’t get him in a couple years, you are going to wish you would have. Go Bucs!