Should the Bucs go after Mangold?



The New York Jets have released seven-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro center, Nick ManGold and before anyone starts in on how Bucs fans always want every player released by every team, going after Mangold may not be such a bad Idea after all.


The 11-year veteran center missed eight games last season, with an injury. An injury that does not require surgery. Prior to the 2016 season, Mangold only missed four games in ten seasons.


Tampa has Evan Smith on the roster for another season, and Joe Hawley is UFA come March. Although Hawley has stepped in and played extremely well as our center for the past couple of seasons, he is still a free agent and may not return to Tampa.


Mangold is about as solid of center you are going to find, especially when healthy, and would be an exceptional veteran presence on the line and a hell of a mentor for some of these younger guys. Mangold is close to the end of his NFL career but should have a few seasons left in the tank.


According to the Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and Jets owner Woody Johnsons, Mangold isn’t just a solid center but had been the cornerstone of the New York Jets on and off the field as his mentality and his approach to the game will leave a lasting imprint and in their minds will remain a Jet for life.


That sounds like someone I’d want on my offensive line.