Why not move Pamphile to center?


The Center position has become a pressing need once agian, as Hawley has become a free agent and only Evan Smith remains under contract. Tampa may re-sign Hawley, and they should, since he did come in for the injured Evan Smith, took over as the starter and kept the role, until he, himself was injured.


Many are entertaining the idea of having Ali Marpet move over to center, in case Tampa does not re-sign Hawley, and many are looking at several free agent possibilities to fill in the center positon, as well as whispering the idea of drafting one.


But there has not been one peep about one of the most versatile linemen on our roster and he could possibly be the most versatile lineman in the league. Kevin Pamphile. Pamphile has played every single position on the offensive line except for center, but he has taken snaps in practice as a center. Although Pamphile is not considered a Hall of Famer or a Pro Bowler, he is reliable, skilled, and tough enough to play center. Bucs coaches obviously have faith in Pamphile or he would not have played just about every position on the line.


So, instead of moving Marpet, maybe move Pamphile? Marpet has excelled where he is, so, why change that? Just an idea.