Could Vincent Jackson return for another season?


The Buccaneers could be bringing Vincent Jackson back for one more year. Bucs GM Jason Licht has already stated today at the combine that the whole organization loves and respects Vincent Jackson. Well, so do us fans. Vincent Jackson will be a Buc for life as our GM so eloquently put it, pretty much sums it up.


Although it’s not 100% that Vincent Jackson will be returning, it is 100% without a doubt known how much he means to the Bucs organization.


There have been some rumors going around about V-Jax possibly retiring, but he if he does decide to stay in the NFL and head back to Tampa, he won’t likely be a second or even a third receiver. The Bucs are going to be looking at receiver talent in the free agency and in the draft, as Jason Licht has already stated that there are some players that they really like in both of those events.


However, the idea of bringing back Vincent Jackson isn’t likely to be much in the way of the player role as it would be more likely in the way of mentoring. His leadership and seasoned knowledge of the position, in my mind, would make him perfect to continually guide these younger guys coming into the league.