Another Shot for Gordon?


Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement to the NFL, again. The Buccaneers just so happen to be looking for a speedy beast of a receiver to complement the one we have already in Mike Evans; However, the idea of getting Gordon may be slim to none. If he is in fact reinstated by the NFL, he is still a restricted free agent, meaning the Browns are going to want to milk every last cent and draft picks they can out of a receiver who hasn’t played but once, in the preseason, since 2014.

Gordon was suspended like a million times, I kid, but numerous times he was suspended for violating the league’s Substance Abuse Policy because it seems he cannot stop smoking reefer. It’s a shame that he allowed himself to get to this point because the talent he has is incredible.

While he was able to play, he managed to participate in 35 games over the course of three seasons, recording 161 catches on 302 targets for 2,754 yards and 14 touchdowns. Safe to say that on the right team and with proper guidance, Gordon would be a force to be reckoned with, and a perfect compliment for Mike Evans, also the playmaker we are looking for. He proved this the first game he played in year’s, which happened to be against us in the preseason last year, when he caught two passes for 84 yards and one TD on veteran cornerback Brent Grimes. Sorry, I keep pointing that out Mr. Grimes, but it did happen.

Gordon’s manager publicly reassured everyone that Josh is in a great place, mentally and physically, and possibly in a better state of being than he was before he came to the NFL. Knowing his talent you can’t help but be intrigued, and with Tampa taking chances on those who have abuse issues, why not? Except maybe the part that he is a restricted free agent. Do we give up one or two draft picks to sign him? I wouldn’t think so, not with DeSean Jackson out there, or Jeffery. Still, it does make for an intriguing option.