What’s Next For Vincent Jackson?


As many Buccaneers, fans know this may be the end of a great time in Tampa and even a great career for WR Vincent Jackson.

Vincent Jackson has done not only amazing things on the field but has been an amazing person off the field as well.

Jackson grew up in a military family so he had a rough childhood. Because of that, he has a charity known as “Jackson In Action” which provides support to military families.

On the field, Vincent has excelled greatly but has suffered terribly, with numerous injuries, in the past 2 seasons.

Even though he says he doesn’t want to retire, it may be the time for him to retire. He is at the age where his productivity declines and more injuries occur and retiring would be best for him.

If he does retire he would make a great receivers coach somewhere. In fact, according to numerous wide receivers on the team, he has helped them greatly.

Licht Said that Jackson will always be a Buc, but whether or not he is this year, is still up in the air.