Are You Not Entertained?


What is it like to be in an NFL locker room? What is it like to practice with and coach elite athletes? What does it take to be successful in the NFL and produce on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays? These are things that the show Hard Knocks is all about and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be the next NFL franchise to be chosen for it. Hard Knocks gives fans an all-access view of whatever franchise is chosen for that season. We get to see what goes on during every practice, film session, and pre-game. But what does Head Coach Dirk Koetter think about it?

But what does Head Coach Dirk Koetter think about it?

Coach Koetter was asked about the Buccaneers being selected to be on Hard Knocks this year, and he quickly told the reporter that it would be up to the NFL to make them part of the show. One thing is for sure and that it would make the player more recognizable outside of the Buccaneers’ fan base. Jason Licht also made the comment that he believes his players are mature enough to handle being on the show. However, Koetter also said it best when he said that winning the division and getting into the tournament is what makes people recognize you.

Fans won’t get to see everything that goes on behind closed doors at One Buc, as the producers of the show pick and choose what is aired, and some players may even like the spotlight even more than others, but one thing is for certain, right now, and that’s the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to win and so do the fans. Hopefully, if the Buccaneers are picked to do the show that it does not become a distraction for the team as they try to better their 9-7 record from last season. Training camp is not the place for distractions. Go Bucs!