Keep or Release?


So let’s talk about the most polarizing figure in the Bucs organization right now: Doug Martin. Is he the answer at RB? In my opinion? NO.


Now Doug has the talent to be a good player, but after 5 years, we shouldn’t be talking about his talent, we should be talking about his accomplishments. 5 years is how long Doug has been a Buc and during that time he has been worse than good. He’s had great years, like when he was 2nd in rushing and his rookie year was also very good. Now the problem has been the fact that he’s been bad more than he’s been good.


This past year he was outplayed by career backups and in 9 games he only posted a 2.9 YPC, which was good for worst in the league. Now the offensive line hasn’t been all that great, but that shouldn’t be an excuse because they all ran behind the same line. Can we upgrade at the RB position? You betcha, I mean have you seen the RB draft class?


I am all for second chances, but not when it’s for 7.5 million. If we are going to give Martin a second shot, then we should restructure his contract and let him earn his job back. Draft a young stud RB whether it’s Cook, or McCaffrey, or Perine, or Mixon, or etc.


If we want to contend year in and year out we can’t be holding our breath every year wondering which Doug Martin will show up that season. Until next time GO BUCS!!!!!!