Justin Evans Impresses in OTAs


Justin Evans, 20 was taken 50th overall by the Bucs. In just the early part of off-season training, Evans has already impressed the Bucs and he may even become a starter.
Defensive coordinator Mike Smith had this to say about Justin Evans, “We were just really excited that he was available for us when we picked. He’s very athletic, he’s got very good range, and he also can get down in the box. He’s what I call a hybrid safety, he’s not a strong safety, he’s not a free safety. He can play both and that’s going to give us a lot of flexibility. You guys saw he’s got very good speed, you saw a little range a couple times in our camp with the rookies.”

Watching highlights of this kid at A&M I saw great range and tenacity at the safety position. On more than one occasion, he can be seen knocking the 2015 Heisman winner Derrick Henry on his ass. The kid has a lot of pop and can definitely get the reputation, as a thumper in the NFL.

As a 2-year starter, Evans racked up 165 tackles, 6 for loss and 5 Ints. Last year alone, he had 4 Ints. To match his tackling ability Evans has ball skills and can at times look like a ball hawk. Welcome to Tampa bud.