DeSean Jackon responds to Todd Monken’s statement


Last week, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken released some statements directed to DeSean Jackson. Those statements were about his contract and how he needs to play great and have a good season not just talk a big game but have big games. Monken seemed to portray the idea that Jackson is only here because Tampa paid him the most money not that he truly wants to be here because of we have a good football team, great weather, and Jameis Winston as our quarterback.

Now you cannot fault a player for taking the highest bid and Tampa did make the biggest offer, but according to a recent article from Mark Cook of Pewter Report, DeSean Jackson is here to play for his pay. DeSean Jackson admitted that money is part of his reasoning for joining the Buccaneers but that he has high expectations for himself and that he is a business man and will conduct business. Jackson says that he will play at a high level and will be giving his all to the team in order to win football games.

I personally couldn’t ask for more than that from any player on my favorite team.