Top 100: Winston-57 McCoy-52


The NFL off-season is in full swing. Every year the NFL network does the top 100 and they air their picks Monday night. For the past five seasons, the definite pick for the Bucs on that list was Gerald McCoy. Last year Doug Martin, Lavonte David, and Gerald McCoy made the list.

This year so far Jameis Winston came in at 57 with very limited weapons for the most part of the season. Gerald McCoy came in at 52 with help but playing in a rotational system. With Winston, only in his second year coming in at 57 is something to hang your hat on, but just think about how high he could have been with more playmakers and a better run game.

There could be more Buccaneers on the list with Mike Evans being in top 10 in every WR major stat. Also, the NFL in enamored with Kwon Alexander who could show up on the list in the next couple seasons. With the Bucs on the rise expect to see more and more players from the team make this list.