Vernon Hargreaves – Cut the Man Some Slack!


Granted, Hargreaves did not look good in the video from this week where he got smoked by our newly acquired speedster Desean Jackson on a go route. And yes, Hargreaves did look like a Rookie multiple times last year. However, the harsh criticism he has been receiving from Buccaneers fans lately is totally unjustified. Remember, Jackson is one of the fastest players in the NFL, he has done the same thing to the very best Cornerbacks in the league over and over again. That is is what he does. It is only OTAs, guys, and in fact, Hargreaves looks sharp in all the other OTA videos available of him and has done well so far according to several online reports.

Vernon Hargreaves is a solid Cornerback with just one year of experience on the biggest stage in Football. His game will only get better from here on out. So, Bucs fans, cut the early criticism and give the guy a break! Let him prove us that he can be one of the better Cornerbacks in the NFL. Give him at least one more year before you call him a bust! Because after next year, all this speculation about him being a bust will be loooong forgotten! Expect Hargreaves to get 5-7 Interceptions this year, 9+ in 2018! It is finally time to FIRE THOSE CANNONS!