Winston is a top 5 QB?


Coming into last season, the NFL knew who Jamie’s Winston was but they had no idea what he would become. Many had knocked him for his first game, and the bust chants began. But for those who considered his first game to point to the dreaded bust title, they failed to see that the first game showcased all his intangibles. That Game showcased his determination, his focus, his extreme love for the game, and more overall his leadership skills. Even after having such a poor start he finished the season strong, throwing for over 4,000-yards. He followed that season with another 4,000-yards.

Rotoworld came out with their Top quarterback situations for 2017 rankings and placed Winston in the top five. They ranked him above the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Bress, and Big Ben. Could this be true that a Bucs QB ranked in the top five and ranked to be in a better sitiuation than Tom Brady? It seems so and aside from Evans and Humphries, some could argue that Winston had, arguably, the worst receiving group in the NFC South, yet, still threw for over 4,000 yards in his first two seasons in the NFL.