Chris Godwin: A Potential Sleeper Talent.


Everyone was expected to be raving about new additions Desean Jackson, and O.J. Howard but there is another guy stealing the show at OTAs, and his name is Chris Godwin. We all know that he is blazing fast, Godwin ran a 4.42 in his 40- yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Coach Koetter said Godwin was the first person that stood out in OTAs. Koetter said,  “He could play both inside and outside wide receiver and he was always making plays out there.” Godwin will most likely be the 4th wide receiver on the depth chart behind Evans, Jackson, Humphries. With Jackson being 30 years old and Godwin being as fast as he is, Godwin could learn a lot from Jackson and potentially be his replacement in a few years.

I see Godwin potentially doing some kick or even punt returning to get him on the field more. Godwin is learning all the wide receivers routes and positions so he knows them all for when the Buccaneers call his name he will be ready. Godwin said that all the veterans are helping him learn the system, and he said them giving him the confidence is what is helping him succeed so far this off-season.

Last season at Penn State, Godwin mainly played outside but played a tiny bit in the slot. Godwin caught 59 passes for 982 yards with 11 touchdowns. He had a MONSTER game in 2017 Rose Bowl game when he accumulated 187 yards on 9 receptions and 2 touchdowns.  I mean can you imagine if one of our receivers goes down (God forbid) or needs to come out for a breather and you have this guy as a replacement! The defenses still won’t know what to do! This guy has speed, length, he’s an EXCELLENT route runner and has AMAZING hands. Did I mention he has SPEED! He will be our next Ferrari!

Don’t sleep on this guy fellow Buccaneer fans! This guy will develop into a future star in the making! Adam Humphries better stay on his tip toes because Godwin is coming for that starting slot position.