Bucs Have a Tough Road Ahead Of Them.


Last season the Buccaneers had the seventh-toughest schedule in the NFL, (According to the know-it-alls at Football Outsiders) and finished the season 9-7 just missing a wild card. CBS released an article that ranked the strength of all NFL team’s schedules this year and Tampa’s came in at 14th.

When Tampa ended the season at 9-7 for 2016 it can be attributed to many things such as lack of depth at positions, tons of injuries, a new head coach, a new defensive coordinator, and playing back to back games in four days. All of this contributed to the Buccaneers winning and losing. A 12-4 record was just missed by a total of 18 points, despite all of the issues the Bucs had last year they overcame.

There were improvements all over the board this off-season, and Tampa is in a position to not only make the playoffs, but win the division and make a solid Super Bowl run. If the Bucs stay healthy and the offense runs full steam ahead we could see the Buccaneers light up the scoreboards and shock the NFL this season. Although the Bucs lost to the Cardinals last season, 40-7, I believe we will see a winning result this season

The only other two hard teams they play are the Patriots, who the Bucs haven’t beaten, but twice in the entire history of playing them, and the Packers in December. Bet your ass this will be two teams eyeing certain positions in the playoff rankings. Likely the number one seed. (Hopefully)

The Bucs have the 4th toughest schedule in the NFL post week 12. But according to some analysts, the best thing for the Bucs during that time, is the fact that these teams have some of the worst pass defenses. The Bucs vs the Packers will be especially interesting to watch with two gunslingers on the field heading into their final playoff stretches.

I could go ahead and put my two sense in now on what I believe the Buccaneers 2017 regular season record will be, but I haven’t even been to training camp yet. Last year I pretty much nailed resulting record, although I did have a safety net by saying it depended on the outcome of the Rams game whether or not they went  10-6 or 9-7. With all of the improvements to the team and players becoming healthy I can speculate numbers, but that would be pointless. But if I were to do so, I suppose I’d say speculatively, that Tampa improves to 11-5.