Mike Evans: “I think we could be one of the best tandems in the league.”


Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson are both excellent players. Skilled in their own way, but dominate just the same. Tampa’s offense had been on the rise the past few seasons but it was missing a few things, one of those things, was a speed receiver who can stretch the field in a flash and make the big plays.

Now, Tampa seems to have that in DeSean Jackson one of the fastest guys out there and he is a scoring threat every time he goes long. In December of 2016, Jackson scored his 22nd touchdown reception of at least 60 yards — moving him out of a tie into second place in league history — just one fewer than Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. He did this against his former team this Philadelphia Eagles. (I have a feeling he is going to set the record with the Buccaneers in 2017)

Of course, we know that Mike Evan is no slouch either. Since coming into the league, 4 years ago, he has broken Buccaneers records with ease. He already has 3,578 yards receiving, meaning he is one of the few receivers to average over 1,000 yards in the first few years over their careers. He also has 27 TDs which ties Mark Carrier, one less than Galloway, and 4 less than Kevin House. Evans doesn’t have the 70 and 80-yard touchdown stretches, but he is turning out to be the best Reciever Tampa as ever had and one of the top in the NFL.

Evans recently did an Interview with the Houston Chronicle in which he stated that it is going to be awesome this year that he believes he and DeSean Jackson will be one of the most dominant tandems in the league next year. He also mentioned that he believes Jackson is an explosive receiver and believes that they both will do great thing this year.

As soon as the Buccaneers signed DeSean Jackson, Evans contacted him in an attempt to connect right away. Now that they know each other and clicked so well, Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson will be a force in the league this year. One that defenses will have a difficult time trying to stop.