Former NFL player accused of killing his Mother


De’Von Hall is being held in the Los Angeles jail, accused of murdering his Mother. His family claims that he has been mentally ill for years, blaming the damage he sustained during his football career, saying that he suffered numerous concussions while playing both college and pro football. They also believe Hall wasn’t provided help to combat his mental illness. “The NFL, in my opinion, should have done a better job in making sure they took care of this kid.” Halls Uncle Tony Benson said.

The Utah State Alum began his short professional football career with the Vikings in 2009 as an undrafted free agent, and went on to play 4 games with the Colts that year before being claimed off waivers by the Bucs where he spent most of the 2010 offseason, but was eventually released that August. He also had a brief stint with the Panthers in 2011 and played with a pair of CFL teams.

During and following his football career his behavior became increasingly more erratic, which resulted in him eventually becoming homeless before eventually being taken in by his Mother, Alecia Benson, who said that she did not know how else to help him. It was during this time that a witness called the police on April 24th, 2017 and told them, “He hit her, he stomped her out, they got in a tussling match and next thing you know she was on the ground and he was stomping her out”. Alecia died 4 days later from the injuries she sustained.

The LA times published an article on Thursday wherein his Utah State coach said that Halls Mother was his rock, the article goes on to say that the family of Hall doesn’t think that he understands his Mother is dead.  A former teammate and friend, Dionte Holloway, has also said, “De’Von mentally is gone, that’s not the De’Von I know, that’s not the De’Von I went to school with, that’s not my friend, that’s somebody who was out of their mind.” His public defender has also stated that Hall is not competent to stand trial.

While none of his coaches or teammates recall Hall ever suffering a concussion, one teammate has said that when it comes to head injuries. “a lot of things go under the table.” Other teammates remember Hall telling them a strange story about a car accident he was in that resulted in him hitting his head, being put in a straight jacket and being given a shot to calm him down. And according to other former teammates, another possibility for his increasingly erratic behavior, which made his teammates uneasy, could be a result of him becoming addicted to drugs after he smoked weed laced with a stronger substance.

During an interview with CBS Halls Uncle, Tony Benson said, “He turned into something that became vicious.” His cousin, Angela Benson also stated, “It was like a switch that had gone off.” Adding to that, his cousin Brendon Benson said that “Football is a very rough sport and it can have deleterious consequences that impact health, mental well-being and can acutely impact other people’s lives.”

Hall is currently being held on a 1 million dollar bond while he attends his numerous court proceedings.