Jameis: “McCoy one of the greatest man I ever met”


So if there was any doubt who is the leader on the defense, Jameis Winston put that question to rest on Thursday. The leader, according to Jameis Winston, is Gerald McCoy. Winston said, “Gerald McCoy is one the greatest men he has ever met!”

McCoy and Jameis are definitely the leaders of this Buccaneers team. The both have a passion for the game and has a desire to win. Jameis goes on to say McCoy has never said a curse word in his life. He also talks about McCoy’s obsession with superheroes. McCoy has really been the leader for Tampa since coming into the league. When the Buccaneers drafted Winston, Jameis and McCoy spoke private one night and discussed what the team needed from both leaders so the team could succeed.

McCoy might have passed on the baton to Winston but Winston has really looked up to McCoy. These two guys are really mature guys and are truly showing what it means to be a Buccaneer. Big things are coming to Tampa!