Winston tries his hand at fashion


It looks like Jameis has been busy showcasing his creative side,  collaborating with Sprayground, he produced the “Jameis Winston Pirate Shark” backpack. It features his #3 in white, on a draped red flag, and golden shark teeth.

“I always wanted to have something that was mine, I got Tootsie (his dog) but now I have this bag, it’s really amazing!  said Winston. “I just put my little spice on it, these teeth are amazing. You see it’s drenched in gold and it looks like a little frost in there, you’ve got a couple little symbols with the 3 all up in there, we’ve got little gold a little red. I felt like a Hollywood movie producer” he said, jokingly. “I had my vision, I put it on paper, I allowed other people to use their creative concepts and voila! Here we go!”

This project also ties into his advocacy for kids to stay in school, something that he talks about at Elementary schools and non-profit organizations. “You have to fill this with a lot of books.” He told one young fan during a backpack signing.

David Ben-David, Spraygrounds founder, applauded Winston’s creativity and described him as a “humble, sweet guy”. “A quarterback’s creativity is top notch because he needs to see 12 things at once,” Ben-David said. “Creatively, he has to see seven steps ahead, and who he’s going to throw to, and he also has to see how they’re going to run, and if that throw is going to become a touchdown. It’s a 17-step process. So he took that creativity and put it into our creative session.”

Now that he has the release of his newest project behind him, he is looking forward to getting back to Football. With training camp right around the corner, Jameis said, “I’m excited that the guys are finally funneling in, they spent their time with their families, now we are going to spend some time with our football family so we can have a great year this season.”