Jameis Winston’s pup Tootsie has her own Instagram


If you’re an animal lover, you know that your furry pets are a part of the family. And it’s no different for Quarterback Jameis Winston and his dog, Tootsie. You can tell he has a soft spot in his heart for his pup by how he has talked about her in interviews and on social media,  so much so that Tootsie even has her very own Instagram, PrincessToots__.

Her Instagram currently has 2,108 followers and counting since her very first post on April 26th, 2016, and it’s no wonder she has a growing fan base, the cuddly Labradoodle is gorgeous and the posts and videos show the softer side of Jameis off the field. So, if you are a fan of #dogsofInstagram, I suggest you head on over and follow her page, you will not be disappointed.