Brent Grimes in the NBA? It almost happened!


So what would have happened if Brent Grimes left the NFL to pursue a career in NBA? Well lucky for us Buccaneer fans that didn’t happen, but it seriously almost did happen.

After Brent was released by the Dolphins, thanks to his wife Miko Grimes, Brent contemplated on going into the NBA development league. Miko goes on to talk about the dysfunctional things in the NFL like Saying the sport is weak, the NFL dirty owners and how rigged the contracts are compared to the NBA contracts.

We all know how out spoken Miko is about her husband Brent. She pretty much was the reason why Brent was released from the Dolphins. She complained about the Dolphins front office and how terrible Ryan Tannehill was a player and even attacked his person. The Buccaneers signed the 4 time Pro Bowler to a 2-year deal. In his first year, Brent started all 16 games, with 4 interceptions and collected 51 tackles.

Let’s take a moment and thank Miko for opening her mouth and getting this Pro Bowl cornerback released so Buccaneers could pick him up cheap. Thank you, Miko!