We have waited so long for this… Through the draft… Endured all of the free agency signings…  The lull between rookie camp and training camp….  Kickoff Sunday is finally near!

That day when toe meets leather. That day when you don’t mind paying for expensive parking and paying up for good quality hot dogs. That day when you spend more time checking up on your fantasy football team than you do on your own relatives.

Football! The meaning of life!

I can’t remember a season where counting down the days was more exciting. D-Jax, Evans, Howard, Brate, and Humphries: Winston has more options than a BMW. This is a team that has a number of things to be excited about. Everything.

In just 42 short days, the NFL season begins and if you’re anything like me, then you are thinking that this year is the year that this team makes some serious noise!

42 more days….42…