Josh Huff pleads guilty to speeding. DUI charge dismissed.


Josh Huff’s DUI charge has been dismissed as of Tuesday. In November of 2016, Josh Huff was pulled over in New Jersey for speeding. Huff was suspected of being under the influence of Marijuana and upon a search of the vehicle, a handgun was found.

Huff entered into a pretrial intervention program for the gun charge, back in April, and upon completion of the program, in October, that charge will also be dropped.

Huff has a permit for the weapon in the state of Texas but was unaware that the permit does not carry over to another state.

The Eagles promptly released Huff after his arrest and quickly picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Huff returned 6 kicks for 72 yards and caught three passes for 41 yards.

Huff has not been suspended by the NFL yet and the pretrial intervention programs and the other charges being dropped should deter the NFL from deciding to suspend him.

Huff is currently awaiting training camp, which starts July 28th, in order to compete for a spot on the Buccaneers final roster.