Who is this new Bucs kicker Zach Hocker?


With the release of Roberto Aguayo, the Buccaneers was short on kickers. After they released Aguayo Coach Koetter announced they would hold an after practice try-out for another kicker on the roster. Just two days after Aguayo was released we found out who would be taking his spot. His name is Zach Hocker! If you are like me, your mind is over thinking right now trying to figure out who in the heck is Zach Hocker? It’s ok don’t be upset if you couldn’t figure out who he is or where he came from.

Zach Hocker is from Huntsville, Arkansas and played at the University of Arkansas before getting drafted in the seventh round by Washington in 2014. After getting released in Early August by Washington, he signed with the Miami Dolphins in January 2015. Three months later he was released. Then in May of 2015, he was signed by the New Orleans Saints. Hocker goes on to win the starting job but went 4-13 on FG and then released in October due to his inconsistency. In November the St. Louis Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein was injured so they signed Hocker but after Zuerlein came back a couple weeks later, Hocker was released. Then in January of 2016, Hocker was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals to a future contract but later in November was released, Finally, the Buccaneers signed Hocker after Aguayo’s meltdown in the preseason.

As you can tell Zack Hocker has been around to multiple teams in the 3 years he has been in the league. Teams see the potential in him but it seems like everytime he gets the opportunity he fails. Nick Folk is almost guaranteed the lock for the starting job at kicker but it is always good to have fresh legs for competition. In Hocker’s NFL career he is 10-14 FG (71%) and 12-13 XP. So his stats are pretty much in line with Aguayo’s, so we will just have to see how he does in the next couple preseason games. As I stated before it is Folks job to lose! GO BUCS!