Hard Knocks Episode 2 Breakdown!


On Tuesday, HardKnocks episode two came out and like the season premiere, it was nothing short of special. If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to know what happens PLEASE STOP READING NOW! This is an overview of what happened in the episode.

In the opening scene, it shows the Buccaneers practicing on a wonderfully hot day begging for the wind to blow. Coach Koetter brings the team together and basically calls the team a slacker and that they needed to straighten up. So, of course, what did they do? They got their mind right and finished the practice strong. Then after the intro, you see the fans cheering Jameis name and Jameis just loves it. Jameis is like a big kid in a candy store! Just jumping up and down and having a good time. You can tell how much passion our franchise QB has for the game.

Later on, reporter Pat Kirwan is seen interviewing Coach Koetter about our kicking situation. Koetter goes on to talk about how Nick Folk is a proven veteran and Roberto Aguayo is a young high draft choice guy and how they were going to improve from last years kicking game. Coach Koetter was in a press conference and was talking about how in the “NFL KICKERS HAVE TO MAKE THEIR KICKS WITHIN 50 YARDS IF THEY WANT A JOB.”
In the following scene, you see Baker pick up a mishandled ball and score a touchdown and do a wild dance. The NFL changed the policy on TD celebrations so the Bucs brought in an NFL referee to explain what they could or couldn’t do. Coach Koetter shows a play of Mike Evans scoring a TD and doing a two handed backward dunk on the goal post. He looks over at the refs and was like is this legal? The ref was like “yeah that’s illegal but it was a NICE MOVE.” You then see McCoy on the field doing the STANKY LEG and asked the ref “is that too much?”

Of course, we have to talk about Miko Grimes! Miko goes on to talk about how she is at every practice, and a game no matter if it’s away or home. She lands when the team lands and even stay at the same motel as the team just different floor. Miko stays at the same Hotel because (and I quote) ‘” so they can have a little hanky panky, a little fun.” She goes on and talks how she texts him 24/7 even during his games to motivate him and tell him what all the other teams are saying about him.

A few scenes late Riley Bullough (aka Joe Dirt) is talking to his parents about how he feels and when he believes he will get in. His mom goes on and says ” I looked up that Joe Dirt guy and you look more like Fabio.” On Game day Jameis shows his true leadership and makes sure he goes to everyone in the locker room and tells them I got your back!” He gives his prep talk about taking their one opportunity and telling them they only get one. During the game, Ryan Griffen gets hit and hurts his shoulder. Winston makes it personal gain to walk up to the backup offensive line and tell them ” You guys having fun? Ryan just seriously injured himself, BUT at least you guys are having fun right?” THAT IS A TRUE LEADER! He makes them feel accountable for what happened, not to be mean, but so they can better themselves.

Towards the game, Coach Koetter called for an FG to bring the game within a TD. Roberto goes to kick and misses wide right. After the game at the press conference, a reporter asked: “How much did those misses hurt Roberto?” Koetter said, ” I keep saying it, I can’t keep saying it anymore, you’re a kicker you have to make your kicks!” The final scene is where Licht and Koetter saying ” It has to be done, it such a bigger mistake holding onto him!” They bring in Roberto and informed he was being released. Licht said “He was rooting for him to become a better player and everyone has been fired before. Roberto was disappointed but he understood that he wasn’t consistent enough and that he felt like he let the team and himself down.