I hope you TRUE Buccaneer fans have been watching the pre-season games over the last two weeks. I especially hope you have been watching my MAIN MAN DOUG MARTIN! There has been a lot of talk about Buccaneers drafting Dalvin Cook, or some other running back, but I have ALWAYS been a believer in Martin. Doug is suspended for the first three games of the year for violating the NFL’s Drug Policy. Martin will be back week 4 vs Giants ready to roll, but Licht has said Martin may not be the starter when he comes back.

If you have watched Martins first two games he didn’t play very much, but when he played he was effective. Doug has looked like he is in the best shape of his career! Martin deserves his starting spot when he comes back vs the Giants. In his first two games, Martin has averaged 4.5 yards per carrying. Martin has rushed for 44 yards on 9 carries. I know this is preseason and everyone is like ” Well let’s see how he does when he comes back from suspension!” I truly believe that Martin is going to play with a chip on his shoulder. He knows he was given that big contract and now that the contract was voided, he can be released at any time with no penalties.

I am glad that the Bucs didn’t waste an early draft pick on a running back when there were more important needs. All I have to say is the DOUGINATOR IS BACK!DOUG MARTIN WILL BE A TOP 5 BACK LIKE HE HAS SHOWN BEFORE! LET’S GO BUCS!