Bryan Anger Randomly Drug Tested After His Performance vs Giants.


After an awesome performance against the Giants on Sunday, Buccaneers punter, Bryan Anger, was randomly selected for drug testing. Anger punted four times for an average of 49.8 yards. He had a 53-yarder downed at the 3-yard line and a 62-yard incredible punt downed at the 11, helping the Bucs establish favorable field position. The Buccaneers took the win, 25-23.

It seems that the League took notice of his performance and wanted to make sure there was nothing else contributing to his performance and chose to drug test him the following morning. This is something that is not uncommon, the NFL, as well as other sports leagues, routinely look for on and off-the-field activities that may suggest the player has been using drugs.

Former Colts punter; now sports radio host, Pat McAffee, is no stranger to this practice and tweeted, “Can’t hit a 62 yd bomb, then a 53 yd ball to the 3, hold game winner, net 50 on the day, & not have @nflcommish randomly” come 4 that urine.” on October 3rd, in response to hearing the news that Anger had been chosen randomly.

No word yet on the results of the testing, however, Twitter seemed to light up with fans saying that he is a ‘weapon’ for the Buccaneers, and has been all season, including pre-season.