Bucs Offense Blowing Up As The Defense Deflates


The offense: Exciting, talented, thrilling, and a gifted QB that gives you hope that this team is going places. With the vast amount of talent they have on offense one can’t help but think: Playoffs. Dare I say a deep post-season run for a… Super Bowl birth? One thing is for sure, this offense is for real, and Jameis and Co. can take this team places.

The defense: Embarrassing, atrocious, more holes that Swiss cheese. For a defense that was the top in the league at the end of last season and had a knack for creating turnovers, this defense makes Casey Keenum and Tyrod Taylor look like Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick. With the mounting issues on defense, one can’t help but think: The season is over so who should we draft for ’19?

Tampa Bay’s offense is No. 1 in passing offense and No. 2 in total offense. All which rides on the right arm of Jameis Winston. The defense has been down right terrible as of late. They are 30th overall, 30th in pass defense, and the lone bright spot is they are average in rush defense (17th). The biggest question is can the offense be great enough to overcome the defensive woes. Or at least to the point to where they give the defense enough time to figure out how not to make 3rd tier QB’s look like superstars. Tomorrow they have a big chance to prove that in the now struggling Panthers on Sunday. Will this Sunday be a turning point?

Here is to hoping!