Let’s Start Winning ! ?


What can the Bucs do to start winning again? This season has been a 3-ring circus. No pass rush, horrilble coverage and unable to get the run game going.

We can start improving by adding some pass rush either in the draft or in free agency. Arden Key from LSU would be a nice start as he is lightning fast off the edge. In free agency, the best DE available would be Ezekiel Ansah,, which again would be a welcome addition.

As far as DBs drafting, Justin Evans was a nice addition. Unless Grimes plays one more year, Vernon Hargreaves will be our best DB, which is scary. We must sign somebody in free agency to take over if Grimes leaves. Also, Patriots DB Malcom Butler would be a nice grab in free agency and Chris Conte must be let go.

In order to start winning again, a massive overhaul of this defense is needed. That, Bucs Fans, is obvious !