McCoy Nominated For Award


Our very own Gerald McCoy has been nominated for this year’s Art Rooney Award. Established in 2015 by the founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the award celebrates those players who show great sportsmanship on the field.

For Gerald to be nominated is a great achievement in a league dominated by players like Suh, Burfict and many others. McCoy is hands down (see what I did there?) One of the best Defensive linemen in the league. Repeated appearances on top 10 lists, Pro Bowl starts to name a few accolades given to McCoy. What should be the focus of this is that McCoy is being recognised for not only being great, but doing in the spirit of the game and without using dirty tactics to gain an advantage over his opponent. He is a technically superior player with a devastating first step. He routinely gets double teamed and STILL has an impact.

This nomination speaks volumes to the ability and character of Gerald McCoy and is something that he and the Bay area should be proud for.