Bucs Fans Did Not Chant For Gruden’s Return


Monday night, I expected to hear screams and unanimous chants for Chucky’s return during his induction into the Ring of Honor, but aside from a handful of fans around the stadium, I heard nothing of the sort.

The Grumors were in full force this year, as they are every year we are having a bad season, and on multiple occasions, during the latter half of this season, “We Want Gruden” and “Bring Back Chucky” could be heard ringing off of the walls at Raymond James Stadium.

There were rumors leading up to Monday night’s game that more than 10,000 fans were to get together and chant their want for Chucky’s return. That didn’t happen. Not like a few fans didn’t try, but it was nothing like the rumors foretold.

I almost half expected to hear Gruden state he wants to return to coaching in Tampa, during his induction speech, but that also did not happen. Not that I’m all in on such a move, but it would be a neat story.

Gruden joined the Ring of Honor in Gruden Fashion, full of high intensity and passion. He, touchingly, paid homage to Malcolm Glazer, by pointing to the sky and saying that he knew he was there with them that night and that he loved him so very much.

He also expressed thanks to all of the Glazer family, former Buccaneers players, and players that he coached during his tenure in Tampa. Gruden was joined by former Super Bowl Champions in a re-enactment of the first TD in that big game and the play by play was called by none other than Gene Deckerhoff.

It was a monumental event!