Bucs Pick Up Licht’s 2018 Option


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have picked up Jason Licht’s one-year option for 2018, however, his future with Tampa is not set in stone. At 4-10, one would think that no job is safe. Mike Smith’s job has to be in jeopardy, but the fact that the Bucs have picked up Licht’s option makes this fan wonder if that means the Glazers are giving not only Licht another chance, but Koetter as well.

Licht was handed a serious project when he took over the reins in Tampa, and for that, he was instantly on the hot seat. He has had some success in finding talent in the draft, however, he has not had much success in finding any coaches that the fans will not quickly turn their backs on.

GM Jason Licht had his work cut out for him in a rebuilding process that almost seems impossible to complete. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and despite the Bucs having a 21-40 record, since Licht came aboard, there has been on more than one occasion glimpses of greatness. However, I would have to call into question a multitude of free agent acquisitions that have done absolutely nothing but cost the team money.

It seems that the Glazers are not 100% satisfied with Licht’s contribution, but enough that they did pick up his option. If he is to retain his job, more changes will have to be made and this time the right ones. Even then the Glazers may pull the rug out from under him.