McCoy and Alexander Attempt to Recruit Michael Bennett back to Tampa Bay – By Tony Rossi


With this year’s defense highlighted by a non-existent pass rush, key players on defense seem to resemble the respectable 2012 defense. Apparently, one guy is on the top of Gerald McCoy’s list: Michael Bennett. In 2013 Tampa Bay let him walk for the Seahawks when they were unable to agree upon terms for a contract extension.

Yesterday Gerald McCoy is Tweeted saying: “If is serious about Seattle not wanting him back. I know a former teammate that would love to have him………”Just in case you were wondering,  is Bennett. I’m sure that has an interesting backstory. McCoy isn’t alone in his interest to have Bennett back as Kwon Alexander re-Tweeted McCoy to second that opinion saying, “Me too!”

Bennett is under contract till 2020 but has been signaling recently that he might be released by the Seahawks in order to test free agency. He has 54 career sacks and 39 in the last 5 years with Seattle. He is also solid in the run game to as a proven run stuffer.

Every year it seems that the Bucs consistently have been unable to rush the passer even with an elite defensive tackle in Gerald McCoy. Whether be through the draft or free agency, Tampa Bay hasn’t found the right combination to generate a top pass-rushing unit. Even though he is through the prime of his career, maybe Bennett could be one of the missing links to finally ignite this pass rush.