This Again? Catch or No Catch?- By BritBuc


This is only a short article with the point of asking; can we PLEASE have a definite interpretation of the “catch” rule?

The Jaguars iced the Wildcard game against Buffalo when Jalen Ramsey picked off Nateman with seconds left on the clock. Watching the play in real time, it was a good play. Ramsey used his speed and athleticism to get his hands on the ball and take it away. As the play was so pivotal it was rightly reviewed; things then became less clear. The video replay showed that as Ramsey hit the ground the ball didn’t appear secure and that it hit the grass. Multiple angles showed the ball moving and no arm underneath to secure the football.

The call was upheld and with it, the Bills Super Bowl hopes. But how many times this year alone have we seen that same play called an incomplete pass? Steelers touchdown anyone?

This rule is so open to interpretation that it surely needs clarification.