Martin’s Future In Tampa? – By BritBuc


With the offseason stretching out in front of the Buccaneers organization, now is the time where the pro’s and con’s of each player are weighed. In this case, we’ll have a look at Doug Martin and his future with the Bucs.

Back in 2016, Martin signed a 5 year $35,750,000 contract in reward to a stellar year and finishing 2nd behind Adrian Peterson in the league rushing yards in 2015. In 2016 Martin didn’t live up to his contract and struggled for yards. Then came the PED violation and the suspension for 4 games in 2017.

The talk of training camp was all about how fired up for the season Doug was and how the chip on his shoulder was going to be translated into the smash mouth running he is known for. He was fit and ready to go and would hit the ground running hard after the suspension. But that just never happened. Over 11 games, 8 of which Martin started, he ran for just 406 yards on 138 carries equaling a disappointing 2.9 yards per attempt. In this writer’s opinion, the return doesn’t justify the cost, and as an armchair GM, I’d be looking to move him on or release him; after all the guarantee in his contract has been voided.

On the flip side, Martin is the most experienced back on the roster and has the potential to justify that contract. Does Licht get together with the Glazer’s and make a case to keep Doug and give him a final chance?