Pro Football Focus Names OJ Howard Worst First Round Draft Pick – By Kyle Riddle


Today, Pro Football Focus has named OJ Howard the worst first-round pick of last year’s NFL draft. How can they possibly come to such a conclusion? For the last few years, PFF has relied on armchair QBs to diagnose and scrutinize every single play. How can you do this without even knowing what the play call was? Sure, Howard didn’t tear up the league in his first season, but his numbers were solid even when compared to veteran TEs.

At 6’6 and 250 pounds, Howard is extremely athletic for his size, running a 4.51 second 40-yard dash at last year’s NFL Combine. During his college years at Alabama, Howard was asked to do it all – run block, pass block, as well as being a dangerous red zone threat. He has also come up with his best numbers in the biggest games.

In his first year as a pro, he snagged 26 catches for 432 yards, with a 16.6 YPC average, and 6 TDs. Now, these numbers don’t blow you away, but for a rookie TE who is also an excellent blocker, they are great statistics. So, if PFF is trying to tell me Jabril Peppers was a better pick than Howard, then give me a break.

Edited By: Morgan Adele