Short but Sweezy – Brit Buc


The offensive line. The place where the offense wages war and set the tempo of the game. A good line gives your offense the ability to pass or run and makes life so much easier for the guys behind them.

Look at the teams that consistently have top 10 offenses and chances are, they have a good offensive line. Look at the Bucs and you want to look away quickly! It’s not been great, has it, fans?

When JR Sweezy was picked up in FA by the Buccaneers organization fans had a reason to hope that things would be improving with the arrival of a guy who had been a road grader and capable pass protector in Seattle for the Seahawks. Sweezy arrived injured and outside of 14 games has been that way during his time in Tampa and probably knows the medical team better than his teammates.

It’s not that he’s been bad whilst in pewter and red, but he’s never been able to prove anything. His current timetable to return from injury is anyone’s guess and once again he’s picking up a paycheck for sitting in the Physio room. Sweezy is due to make $5,875,000 in 2018 and while that’s not a bad hit on the cap, the best ability a player can have is availability!

The offensive line once again needs retooling and it’s probably time to move on from a guy filling in a roster spot without contributing to the team on a consistent basis.