The NFL loses one of their Best-Known Referees to Retirement.


Ed Hochuli has been an NFL referee since 1990, and has overseen more football in his 28 years than most people could even fathom. He was originally hired as a back judge in 1990, but soon found himself working under NFL referee Howard Roe. Following his time under Roe, Hochuli earned himself a role as a NFL referee in 1992. He began his refereeing career officiating pre-season games, but has since officiated two Super Bowls – Super Bowl XXXII and Super Bowl XXXVIII – as well as being an alternate in three others. He has also officiated 5 Conference Championship games since 2007.

In Hochuli’s illustrious career, he had officiated during many significant and historical events such as: Dan Marino’s final game, which happened to be the game Jimmy Johnson coached (Jags vs Dolphins 1999 AFC Divisional playoffs -Jags won that 62-7). Hoch was a major part of the 2001 officials strike as he headed to the NFL Referees Association, which served as a union for NFL game officials. Consequently, that was the first time in NFL history that replacement Refs were used during an NFL regular season. He officiated the first game ever played outside of the US when the 9ers took on the Cards in Mexico City in 2005. He witnessed first hand Favre breaking Dan Marino’s all-time record for most TD passes, as well as Favre becoming the NFL’s all-time completions leader. He also reffed the final regular season game of 2008, in which the Lions became the first team to go 0-16.

Edward G. Hochuli had become a bit of celebrity during his NFL Officiating career. Earning the name “Hocules” because of his massive arms and muscular physique, Hoch has amassed a cult-esque following. His likeness has appeared in multiple EA Sports Madden NFL video games spanning over a decade, he was featured in David Letterman’s Top Ten List, and his career chronicled by NFL Network’s Six days to Sunday and he was also featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine in October of 2012.

Following his retirement his son, Shawn, has been promoted from back judge to Referee, walking closely in his father’s footsteps. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.


Co-Edited by Morgan Adele