Bucs sign Beau Allen. Is that Enough? – Ian Mott


It is halfway through the week, free agency is opening soon, and it has been reported the Buccaneers’ front office will sign Beau Allen, DT, from the Super Bowl Champs.

I know that many of us fans are wondering why, but him being just 26 years old and having a big body, he won’t have to do much to be more productive than Baker, who was released recently. My thoughts are that this has to be a signing for dependability and depth. We did draft Stevie Tu’ikolovatu last year, or Stevie T, in the 7th round. He showed a lot of heart, but after injuring his right knee, he was out for the year. Thankfully, Clinton McDonald continued to be a reliable veteran for our defensive line, but his contract with the Bucs has ended and he will also be seeing what the open market has to offer him for the future.

With all that being said, I can’t say this is a bad signing for our favorite team, but it certainly was not what many fans had hoped for. I think this may foreshadow a DT in the first 2 rounds, as Vita Vea has been linked to this team in many drafts. Whether it’s him, or a much more experienced vet, I would imagine there will be another addition to follow. And please, this writer begs that they don’t let it be Suh. We should have learned our lesson a few times now for overpaying defensive lineman.

Let us know what you think – Will we see him alongside McCoy, or is there someone else you’re ready to see next to Gerald?

Edited by Morgan Adele