The Leader Emerges? ~ BritBuc


Image result for gerald mccoy“This is my defense!” 

Bold words and a sound bite you’d expect to hear from the leader of a defense, right? You may even be forgiven for thinking that this is a quote from Gerald McCoy; you remember the guy drafted 3rd overall in 2010?

You may be forgiven, but you would still be wrong!

This was Kwon Alexander talking.


Image result for Kwon Alexander buccaneersThe Alabama native, drafted out of LSU in the fourth round in 2015, has become a focal point of the defense and has been becoming more vocal. He has now outright stated that this is his defense and he is their leader.



It’s unknown at this stage how McCoy feels about this as he he’s always maintained that this is HIS defense; however in the nearly exactly eight years since he was drafted, this writer feels his vocal outbursts have been entirely in the wrong direction. Poorly timed and otherwise, a distraction from what he should be doing. Actually leading the defense.


Going into his 3rd season and off the back of his first Pro Bowl, Alexander is in the upswing of his career and is well poised to take over this defense.