Koetter says he’s a fan of Alex Cappa


”He’s sharp, very sharp, That’s one thing you can learn about these guys is how sharp they are and how quick they pick up, how naturally football comes to them. He’s one that definitely fits in that category.” Said Coach Koetter about rookie, Alex Cappa.

The Buccaneers have officially signed Cappas rookie contract after seeing him perform at rookie minicamp over the weekend.

Cappa will be going into OTAs and training camp as right tackle, however, Koetter is confident and excited about the fact that Cappa can play a number of positions.

“A lot of these smaller school guys play left tackle for their school, but they’re projected somewhere else.” said Koetter. “We really feel like he’s a guy that could play across the line. In his college days he did practice as a center too and as you know, on game day, when we’ve got seven up, they have to be able to play more than one position. So we’re going to primarily work with him as a a guard, but we’re going to work with him at everything, so he’d be right guard/right tackle, center for now.”

It looks like Jason Licht seems to share the same sentiment, according to a report from the Bucs website, Licht said that the team hoped to develop Cappa into a blocker who could handle all 5 positions.

When asked about this, Cappa said, “You’ve just gotta come in and learn everything you can, that way you can apply it everywhere; you gotta be versatile.”