Jameis Winston Predicted To Have Career High Passing Yards This Season.


It’s obvious that Winston has the talent to be one of the best QB’s in our franchise history and one of the top QB’s in the game right now, but there are some obvious issues as well. Bucs OC Todd Monken came out and said what was on every fan’s mind and that is Jameis Winston tries to do too damn much. Jameis is a fierce competitor, hates to lose, and does everything he can, to extend the play, and sometimes that can get you into trouble. Being that Jamies is only 24, this is something that can be coached out of him. Question is: Will he listen or continue to make boneheaded mistakes?

Jameis is a natural leader and even at that, he tends to do a little too much. Eating a “W” was cute the first time around and did put a fire under the team when he said he was hungry. Actually eating a “W”, not so cute and quite visually disturbing. Not taking a sack and trying to make a play where there is none is also disturbing.

Jameis has been in the league for 4 seasons now and has thrown 69 TDs to 44 INTs and thrown for over 11,500 yards, typical gunslinger. But the one thing he lacks is the patience to take a snap instead of throwing a silly interception or producing an untimely fumble. Again, all fixable by coaching. Jameis is willing to learn, we all know he is a film buff, and always one of the first to get practice going, whether offseason or OTAS and always one of the last to leave the field at any given time.

Last season, Jameis injured his throwing shoulder in week 6, which was basically week 5 due to Hurricane Irma, and decided to continue playing instead of taking a back seat to Fitzpatrick. His not tapping out in order to heal, resulted in him tearing the ACL in his throwing shoulder. Something that could have been detrimental not only to the team but his career. Luckily, plasma injections saved his throwing shoulder, but there has to be some worry that this type of injury will be one that is re-occurring. Something that has been seen time and time again throughout history with QBs.

Winston came into the league setting records for passing yards and continued to do so the following season, placing his name in the history books forever. Despite last season’s injury he still managed to pump out over 3500 yards, threw a career-low 11 INTs, a career-high passer rating of 92.2, but managed only 3 measly wins. However, this year, Bleacher Report journalist Gary Davenport predicts that things are going to change. As of right now, Winston’s career high is 4,090 yards, but if all things are considered and Winston settles down, he could be in for much greater success through the air. He could easily see numbers upward of 4,500 or even more.

If he can curb boneheaded mistakes, become more patient, learn to take a necessary sack, and quit trying to do too much, then he can mature into a menacing passing threat. One vital in taking us to the promised land.