Bobo Wilson impressing in the offseason


The Buccaneers offseason is stacked with receivers, however, it’s still unknown who will make the final cut to a 53 man roster.

One stand-out in OTAs this offseason is Bobo Wilson. We saw him last year on thin ice during Hard Knocks, when he disappeared before cut day, apparently not realizing he was supposed to stay in Tampa. He redeemed himself though, and signed to the practice squad and worked his way up to the game day roster by the end of the season.

Coach Koetter praised Wilson during a recent press conference, saying, “Bobo’s having one of the best offseasons of anybody. I said at the end of last year he was one of the most improved players.” He also added, “Bobo has gone from a guy that could only play one position to now a guy that can play all three which helps his chances, and he’s just become so much more coachable. Part of that’s when you know what you’re doing it makes it a little bit easier to play fast, and he has no problem playing fast.”