Coach Todd Monken and His Expanded Role


With the upcoming season approaching, another change that many fans may not be aware of is the expanded role Todd Monken will be taking on and that is the full time new offensive coordinator. Coach Monken spent the last 3 years coaching the wide receivers while working with Jameis as the passing game coordinator as well.

As a positional coach, there is a lot of work that goes into video prep and things of that nature. Coach Koetter really admires the coaching technique and experience of coach Monken and with the promotion to offensive coordinator, he will have the opportunity to coach up all players on offense, not just limited to the receivers working with the quarterbacks.

Once the previous season completed, coach Koetter and Monken talked about the team’s progression and how they could make improvements moving forward. Dirk had said that after 3 years of the same voice for Jameis, it may, for now, be a good idea to get a fresh voice for him going into his 4th season as the Buccaneers starting quarterback. The idea seemed to be well received by coach Monken, and from what I’ve seen it seems to be paying off. Coach Monken seems to have a way to get his point across, and will not sugar coat anything to his players, as he shouldn’t, constructive criticism is a valuable tool if you understand and work with it the way it is intended.

While coach Monken works his new duties as offensive coordinator, Skylar Fulton will also enjoy a nice promotion from an assistant to the team’s new receivers coach.