Put Up Or Pack Up


Jameis Wisnton has, by far, been the team’s most controversial player since he was drafted 1st overall back in 2015. Even before his first professional snap as an NFL quarterback he was bombarded with “off the field issues” and “character issues” rumors the day he was drafted. Which in turn doomed him from the start because the believers of said rumors would never get behind him no matter how well he played. Now when it came time to play there was a different center point to his criticism, turnovers. It’s been no secret that Jameis has been plagued with a turnover bug since arriving in Tampa. A very inconsistent one at that with at times going a 5-6 game stretch With minimal turnovers turning into 2-3 games with 12 total. So what does all this mean for Jameis this Year?

Well, this is just one writer’s opinion, but this year Jameis has to prove that he can 100% be the quarterback that he has shown glimpses of being throughout his early career. He has shown flashes of being, well, straight up elite. What pushes him away from that label is that he can’t seem to be consistent with it. If he can fix that turnover bug, that we all know and love(Sarcasm), then there is nothing stopping him from being an elite quarterback and maybe one of the league’s best. He has the leadership mentality and the work ethic, now he just needs to fix the plague of death in football… turnovers.

I have been a vocal fan of Winston and have defended him through everything, but this year it’s time to put up, or he could very much be in a situation where he’s not the guy the Bucs want running this franchise. That being said, I think Jameis Winston is gonna come in and kick the door off the hinges and have his best season yet.