Poor Decision Making?


Nothing about his choices on the field, but more a case of making decisions off the field, at least that is the view of former Giants and Hall of Fame Linebacker, Lawrence Taylor. LT has been quoted as saying, “If the story is true, that he would have hopes Winston would know better than to be in such a situation,” in a recently published TMZ interview. Although he makes a good point that this supposedly happened in 2016 and should have been resolved sooner and inconsistent stories fully investigated. 

It would seem Taylor has summed up what a lot of people have thought about this: why wasn’t this properly looked at in 2016 when the memory was fresh? Why does everyone seemingly have changing stories?

Finally, and this seems to be the most baffling, why does a rich athlete in the public eye who has a historical allegation of sexual misconduct, put himself in a position where he could be accused of something again?

In defense of Winston, although we can make assumptions about what went on in that Uber, only the people involved in this incident know what really happened. So many fans have already stated the old adage there is rarely smoke without fire. For someone who has been burned in the past, maybe he shouldn’t be playing with matches.