Jameis Winston Changes Agents


Only one day after getting officially suspended by the NFL for the first three games of the regular season, Jameis Winston decided to get rid of his agent. In addition to the three-game suspension, Winston was informed that violating the NFL`s personal conduct policy one more time might cause the league to ban Winston for life. According to Mike Florio from NBC Sports, the release was not initiated by Winston’s recent suspension, however. Apparently, the change has been planned for several months. See article here

A day after Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston formally learned that he’ll be suspended for the first three games of the regular season, word emerged that he had parted ways with his agents. As one league source explains it to PFT, the change had been in the works for a few months. – via ProFootballTalk

The quarterback’s reasoning behind wanting a new agent is simple. The agents who worked out Winston’s first deal in the NFL are well known in the baseball world, yet they do not have much experience as far as NFL contracts are concerned. So, basically Jameis Winston prefers to have an agent with some NFL experience under their belt, which makes sense, as he now enters a very crucial part in his career.

According to the source, Winston wants more experienced football agents to handle his next contract. Baseball agents Greg Genske and Kenny Felder negotiated Winston’s first contract, a wage-scale deal that culminated in the Bucs automatically picking up a non-negotiable 2019 option worth $20.9 million. – via ProFootballTalk

Clearly, as of now, Jameis Winston’s reputation is damaged and it might not even be that easy for him to find a top-notch agent at the moment. On the other hand, the young quarterback is still full of potential and it does not take more than him playing a solid 13 games this season without messing up off the field to steer his ship in the right direction again. If he stays out of trouble, sky’s the limit for Winston and the best agents in the world will soon lick their chops to represent him in the NFL.