Jameis Winston vs LeSean McCoy: A Double Standard?


The NFL is one of the most violent games in the world. This violence sometimes doesn’t stop on the gridiron. We have seen numerous cases of NFL athletes, past and present, in the media for domestic abuse/assault on their partners. One of the worst cases of this would be Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of an elevator after he struck her several times. Fast forward to present day NFL and not much has changed. LeSean McCoy is now in the news for allegedly orchestrating a home invasion on his girlfriend. The pictures that have been released do not help McCoy’s case in any way.

Jameis Winston was recently suspended for the first three games of the 2018 NFL season due to an alleged groping incident in March 2016. The Buccaneers quarterback has admittedly had his issues since leaving Florida State for Tampa Bay. There was never a police report filed during this entire incident, but the Uber driver did get Winston’s account suspended. The NFL didn’t care about the fact there was never a police report filed and suspended him anyways. Numerous NFL analysts had a field day at Jameis Winston’s expense. They wanted the Buccaneers quarterback cut in Tampa and kicked out of the league forever. They don’t care that there is really no tangible proof that says Winston committed the crime.

Now let’s look at LeSean McCoy’s accusation. McCoy’s girlfriend supposedly stole some high-end jewelry from the NFL star. She refused to return the items and according to her, “McCoy set up a home invasion.” She was hit in the face, arm, and shoulder several times by a firearm. When the news dropped of this allegation there were many analysts calling for the police to get involved before any judgement be passed on the Pro Bowl running back. There seems to be a double standard in the eyes of the NFL. As I previously stated, Jameis does have a history of incidents. Does this mean that we don’t need law enforcement to prove the statements of people? According to the pictures that have been released and the victim’s comments, McCoy should be suspended immediately and possibly kicked out of the league, yet analyst want the NFL to wait until the police make their decisions.

Bucs Report doesn’t support any type of violence against women. If LeSean McCoy had any part of this heinous act, he should be ashamed of himself. He is a role model for many young children and he will put another black eye on the NFL in the last several weeks. At the end of the day NFL stars need to get their act together and stop acting like this. They are privileged to be able to make millions of dollars to play a child’s game.