Ronald Jones Confident in Buccaneers Moving Forward


During a recent interview, Ronald Jones II, the new running back for the Tampa Bay Bucs opened up about his team, the schedule, and the division. My favorite part of his quick interview was his response to what he expects from himself and if he could do more than the previous running back, Doug Martin. He responded by saying that he expects to be his own person, show his own ability, and establish his own identity. It really couldn’t have sounded any better, and this rookie seems to have a good head on his shoulders and understands the battle in front of them.

When asked about the first three games without Jameis, he acknowledged the steep competition but also that this team is confident with whoever is behind center and that they need to keep the next man up mentality. That opinion cannot be stated enough in the building. Jameis is known for trying to do too much, and with a few games to sit, it will be humbling if anything, for Jameis to see his teammates go 110% at their own job, and trust and expect the person next to them are doing the same.

With the new season approaching, I can’t wait to see what this team has improved on once they get to put the pads on and hit some people besides other Bucs.

Ronald Jones seems to be enjoying the opportunity to work alongside Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, noting that they have been very helpful to him as a new rookie to the team. RoJo also mentioned the speed of D-Jax, saying he’s a 96 on Madden. DeSean or Ronald, if you guys make the race happen, let us know. Competition breeds excellence and as true Bucs fans, we would all love to see it happen.